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Out With the Old

Sunday, June 28, 2020

1 minute

It is only by trying new things that we can hope to create products that are original.
— Ed Catmull

After previously banging the drum for utility tools that have stood the test of time, I’ll admit to using some newfangled alteratives.

There’s an emerging trend of reimplementing well-known terminal commands in modern languages such as Rust. Some are faster, easier to use or provide more information whereas others just look fancy. What can I say? I guess I’m shallow.

ls > k

k adds git status, file size and age indication to directory listings. I keep meaning to explore exa for similar features.

cat > bat

Line numbering and syntax highlighting of files, right on the command line.

man > tldr

Scrolling through the man pages of a command to check flags and options can be a frustrating experience when all you want to see is a quick overview of common use cases.

grep > ripgrep

Like the Silver Surfer, this is a faster alternative for regular grep.

top > htop

Process listing with colours and nice looking CPU bar charts.

curl > axel

axel is an accelerator that tries to speed up downloads by using multiple connections and load balancing requests across servers.

#bash  #dev