A land down under

It’s supposed to be Winter here at the moment but the daytime temperature is still nudging 20° Celsius now that the rain from last week has dried up. The country has been under drought conditions for six years so all precipitation is actually welcome.

This place is simply massive. The UK could fit into New South Wales alone seven times over. Australia is a place that is full of things that will kill you, ridiculous place names like Woolloomooloo or Ulladulla and strange-looking foodstuffs in-and-among the familiar. I’d never even heard of a durian or a garingale before never mind seen or eaten them.

How wrong can you be?

It appears that the answer is very. Especially if you happen to be the Met Office who supplied the weather data that the BBC presented to me this morning.

A little on the chilly side I thought, but it looks like it will be a nice enough day so I’ll leave my umbrella at home. I took one step outside and looked up at the clouds. It was like I was about to enter Mordor. The clouds were clearly full of snow. Sure enough, after returning to pick up my umbrella, I walked to work through just about the full gamut of precipitation. A veritable blizzard was threatening to freeze my ears off by the time I arrived at the office. I passed a child on his way to school who was nearly in tears because he was that cold (he would have been in tears had his tear ducts not frozen).

The Met Office has spent a lot of money on technology and wants to spend more. They have their eye on a £200 million super computer that they hope will allow them to provide far more accurate forecasts. This shouldn’t prove to be too difficult as it appears they can just about tell me what the weather is doing at the present moment and I can look out of my window to find that out.

I have an alternative conspiracy theory brewing. Little known fact: The Met Office is actually part of the Ministry of Defense. I don’t think that the Met Office actually has all that much technology and their forecasters just wing it while the MoD pockets the cash for covert operations.