Monkey Butter

Had one of those random afternoons today. After reminding Alex that he had to go and debunk the KFC logo I set out to find how one ‘bunked’ something in the first place. As ever, Wikipedia was invaluable.

This led me on to wondering if I could ever be described as being ‘gruntled’ and how someone would dis my gruntle. I never did find out the answer as I found it almost impossible to stop laughing at (Netscape hero of old) Jamie Zawinski’s treatise on monkey butter.

Google Sightseeing

Well, that was one Hell of a weekend. Thanks to birthdays galore but mainly the BUDS old school reunion and ball at Murrayfield, I am absolutely exhausted and will shortly be in bed for the night.

However, things started off a lot more civilized (there was no long-arming of drinks for a start) at the Google Sightseeing book launch at Indigo Yard on Friday after work. The work of my colleague and his brother, this is a really interesting annotated collection of satellite imagery from around the globe. Nice timing for a Christmas stocking-filler guys!

And no, I’m not on commission before you ask.