Not so Grand National

“I’ve made some mistakes with my selection of rides before.”
– Tony McCoy

The main reason why things have been quiet of late on my blog of late has been researching the big horse race that took place today.

Over the past several years I’ve taken several hundred pounds from the bookies on the Grand National. Before today, the only time that I’ve failed to get a substantial return this decade was the year I actually went to the race. The appealing triad of Tony McCoy, Jonjo O’Neil and JP McManus involved with a previous Irish National winner (Butler’s Cabin) called to me like the Sirens. All was looking good until eight fences from home when my main gamble fell.

Thankfully, I had a back-up bet with an each way bet on Snowy Morning.

Net result this year? A loss of 50 pence.

Somehow life will go on.

The Gambler

“You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.”
Kenny Rogers, The Gambler

This is the song that is being played by the England Rugby team before their World Cup games for inspiration. Appropriate really seeing as though they were quoted at 150-1 to retain their title before the tournament kicked off and after a 36-0 mauling at the hands of South Africa those odds looked to be about right.

I don’t bet often, usually limiting myself to a “flutter on the Grand National” once a year and it has to be said that I don’t do too bad. The only time that I’ve not walked away with at least £150 from the bookies was the year that I actually went to the race.

Now I’d like to think that a bit of patriotism would have won over my head if I saw the odds against England becoming the first team to defend the Rugby World Cup trophy. I may have stuck a couple of pounds at most on them each way. I certainly wouldn’t stick more than that on a horse at those odds. Still, hindsight is always 20-20 and I guess that’s why it’s called gambling.

Besides, I’ve had this feeling throughout the tournament that South Africa were going to be World champions. I hope I’m wrong. If not and I have predicted the score correctly then at least I’ll get free hair cuts for a year from my South African hair dresser!