Happy birthday to me!

That’s me now officially in my 40th year but I have 365 days or so to organise the big birthday party. That should be a long enough time but time doesn’t seem to last as long as it once did; I’m going to do my best to not leave it until the last minute.

January: A Photo a Day

Happy New Year, welcome to 2016!

The first of my monthly challenges is to post a photo every day in January. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep going for the rest of the year but, going on past performance, there’s a chance that it will become more sporadic as the year progresses. I have toyed with the idea before but didn’t really think that I could deal with the commitment. Read into that what you will.

You may not be aware of it but there is an Edinburgh-based social network that was developed specifically for this kind of thing. Unfortunately, Blipfoto didn’t exactly have a great 2015 and its future remains uncertain to say the least — although there is a crowd funded rescue effort in play at the time of writing.

Consequently, I’ve (finally) signed up for Instagram. Much as I’d love to stick up for the start up, stability and ongoing development potential has won this one for me.

I’ve long-disliked the addition of filters to photos; I think it’s deceptive and puerile. Ultimately though, something that gets acquired for a billion dollars (yes, b — sickening, isn’t it?) is likely to be around for a bit.

New Year, New Challenges

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. If you want to change something about yourself, just go ahead and do it — there’s no need to wait until January ticks around again.

This coming year I intend on setting myself a series of month-long challenges. Some I hope will turn into longer-term habits; some I’ll just be doing for a bit of fun or to experiment. As an added bonus, I should also have some regular material to write about!

Dinner is served

In my last Amazon delivery I found a flyer for £25 off from HelloFresh. Being a curious kind of fellow, I signed up and ordered my first box for the reduced rate of £14.

Now, I’m not exactly what I’d call an accomplished cook but I know my way around the kitchen and can follow a recipe.

I’d debate that I this was actually any cheaper, despite what was claimed. The only way I’d have got value is if the box also had a decent bottle of wine or two included. It was also a waste of packaging with individual sachets of balsamic vinegar and a tiny 26g jar of peanut butter for example. Yes, most of it was recyclable but as I’ve said time and again, recycling should be the last option.

I also don’t like being told what I’m going to cook. Planning and shopping is part and parcel of a meal for me.

Overall, the food was nice and the instructions clear and easy to follow. I have no doubt that some people may appreciate and find the service useful but it’s just not for me.

Burning down the house

A while ago my laptop shut down. I checked my Magsafe connector was still attached and noticed the green indicator light was out. It was then that I noticed the smell.

It was coming from my power brick which was positioned just under the curtains and which I suspect are fairly flammable.

My laptop is getting on a bit and I doubt I’ll be able to find a new genuine Apple replacement. From what I understand about the models available from third-party manufacturers, I’ll not even be leaving the power switched on at the wall when I’m out and about.