The new season is underway

Well, league wise, at least it is in Scotland. The Charity Shield (I still can’t get used to calling it the “Community Shield”) is over and we’re only a few days away from the kick-off in the English Premiership.

The Summer dearth of football hasn’t actually been all as bad as I had first feared it would be. This season I have more than Liverpool and a fantasy league team to consider – I’ve just bought a football team.

To be more accurate, I’ve actually only purchased a membership of the MyFootballClub Trust that is currently in talks with four clubs (one of which is rumoured to be the mighty Shaymen themselves – Halifax Town, my hometown team).

Spot the difference

Now I have my proper footballers injury I can’t help but notice the difference in treatment received by Beckham and Rooney. I can go without the psychic attentions of Uri Geller and the tabloid-that-shall-not-be-named (suffice to say I’m a Liverpool fan) or an oxygen tent but at the very least I was expecting a cast (plaster or inflatable), crutches or some painkillers. What did I get? Tubigrip.

Also, the bus I was on was involved in a traffic accident on the way back from the fracture clinic. I anxiously await the third installment of misfortune.

Weekend Exertions

Last weekend I participated in the Edinburgh Rat Race which, with hindsight, I actually really enjoyed. I ended up joining up with two random girls to form a hastily put together team as, with a week to go, both of my original team mates had to drop out due to injury and illness. I suffered in the heat, badly underestimated just how much food and water I would need and was very much lantern rouge it has to be said.

Despite my total lack of training due to recovering from shin splints and a dodgy knee (thanks to the Edinburgh 10k two months ago) we finished 58th from over 200 teams.

I’m trying to balance the memory of just how drained I was feeling towards the end against the curiosity of how much of an improvement I could make if I trained properly for a good few months beforehand.


It’s taken me a while but I think that I’ve come to terms with what happened in Athens a couple of Wednesdays ago. The more I think about it, the more I think that it could actually be for the best that Liverpool lost to AC Milan.

Okay, so Crouch could have done with more than 12 minutes on the pitch and taking off Mascherano proved to be a disaster as he’d kept Kaka under control all game.

Nevertheless, Liverpool’s weaknesses were more than obvious, even to the inexperienced new American owners. To come so close to winning the Champions League again and seeing a lack of a striker with the prowess of a (much as it pains me say) Drogba in front of goal may just open up the purse strings a little more.

If we can entice someone like Eto’o to Anfield for next season then a genuine push for the Premiership could be a reality.

Edinburgh 10k

Yesterday I completed the Edinburgh 10k in a time of 58:24. I was aiming for a sub-hour time but hadn’t trained for over a month thanks to a pain in my knee which happened on my first run without my iPod. I’m not sure if my knee always hurt and I never noticed it due to musical distraction or if it was just coincidence.

To be on the safe side I made up a quick 60 minute iTunes playlist to keep me going:

  • We Will Become Silhouettes, The Postal Service
  • Carolyn’s Bootie, The Presidents Of The United States Of America
  • Float On, Modest Mouse
  • Going Missing, Maxïmo Park
  • Let Forever Be, The Chemical Brothers
  • Pounding, Doves
  • Never Had So Much Fun, Frenzal Rhomb
  • Empire, Kasabian
  • Mr. Brightside, The Killers
  • Hungry, Kosheen
  • Do Your Thing, Basement Jaxx
  • Up The Bracket, The Libertines
  • Knights Of Cydonia, Muse
  • Crash, The Primitives
  • God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Coldplay
  • Spitting Games, Snow Patrol