“Happy birthday to me…” ♫

I just can’t understand how people can get hung-up on a “big” birthday. Okay, so it’s my 30th birthday but to me, it’s just another number. Like 40 or 50. Maybe some people equate another year gone by as counting as part of their allocation and they haven’t achieved everything they wanted to just yet? I don’t know.

Apple summed up my sentiments pretty well last week prior to the start of MWSF.

Apple.com screen grab

I’m thinking about having more birthdays, kind of like the Queen. Not only are they a good excuse for a party but it has been statistically proven that they are actually beneficial for your health too. Yes, people who have more birthdays live longer . . .

My next birthday will be on the 1st of March this year when I shall reach the ripe old age of 11,000 days!

Here’s to 2007

Just about to leave the flat and embark on the seventh year of the Hogmanay alphabet tour: Grindelwald, Switzerland. I fully intend to not touch a computer for a whole week so this will be the last post until I get back and get rid of the shakes!

It’s been a mixed year with some definite highs but personally it’s going to go down as a pretty shitty one overall. So here’s to an awesome 2007 where everything will balance itself out!

Another year older and another year wiser.

Let the train take the strain?

I took the train back to Edinburgh yesterday after spending Christmas back at home with my mum, brother and sister-in-law. This journey turned out to be one of the worst trips I’ve made. The train to York was late arriving (as usual) but this was of no consequence as the connection was even later (as usual).

The train stopped for 15 minutes for some reason or other and just before Newcastle it was announced that the rear wheels had developed a fault and as a result, our speed would be limited to 50 miles per hour for our safety. Despite being reassured that there was no reason to switch trains at Newcastle the train ground to a halt a second time to allow later trains to pass.

A new announcement informed us that the unfortunate people traveling past Edinburgh would be moved onto buses as there has been a fatality on the Forth Rail bridge.

In total we arrived into Edinburgh Waverley three hours late as half of the stations signals had developed faults. But things having been put in perspective, I guess being late isn’t the worst thing in the World.

Happy Holidays!

I know, it’s a crappy Americanism but occasionally as I’m not religious I feel somewhat of a hypocrite celebrating Christmas. I am spiritual (not as in the “I don’t go to church but am scared of dying” crowd) but organised religion just puts me on edge – nowadays more than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas time. I think it’s a magical time of year and a great opportunity for parties with people I’ve not seen for too long. Edinburgh is just fantastic in December: the German Market and Winter Wonderland, the fairy lights on trees along Princess Street and leading up to the Castle, the Salvation Army band playing in the West End.

I wish I had the equipment, time and (let’s face it) skill to take some good photos to share but I’ll leave it to the official site.

Don’t think what is – think of what could be.

Pinch, punch, first of the month

Some time after I got this “proper job” and was therefore officially all grown-up, I thought that it was about time I treated myself to a decent anaolgue watch.

However, sometimes I wish that I’d kept my old Casio Databank. I loved the looks of the Seiko Arctura Kinetic auto-relay from the moment I saw it. Its ability to hibernate for up to four years and then set itself to the correct time also scored points with me. But it can’t keep track of the date and really grinds my gears to have to spend five minutes advancing the date by hand in order to correct the calendar to the 1st at the start of every other month – and especially so in March!