My New Things

So, I’ve been busy.

Instead of concocting these inane ramblings I’ve been spending my non-working time browsing and researching.

After cycling the North Coast 500 route (well, the Locharron to Wick section of it at least) over five days last summer, I was left wanting a bit more. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing fun — despite the best efforts of the Scottish weather over the first couple of days).

Which has led me to Bikepacking and searching out ultralight gear.

Eventually, I want to go on longer adventures and be more self-supporting. However, situation as it is, I’m making do with shorter micro-adventures and S24Os (sub-24 hour overnighters in the lingo).

I’d also like to build up to more endurance kind of events. I actually really enjoyed the 330km jaunt down to Carlisle and back for Ride to the Sun last year but having read Jenny Tough’s latest epic I think it might take me a while.

I’ve got the big stuff covered off: something to sleep in, on and under as well as something to carry it all in. I’ve also been gradually building up other bits and pieces, like a cook kit and a lighter spork (a 9g 7075-T6 hard anodised aluminium Sea to Summit Alphalite in case you were wondering).

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