20 years on

I’ve written before about how I work — although it’s a couple of years old and, as such, practically ancient for a technology-related post.

With the advent of Trainspotting 2, I read with interest a precis of what was different 20 years ago. This was a time that I was experimenting at university with HTML and Perl, when PHP and Ruby were first emerging; development for the web was very much not on the syllabus.

Fast-forward a few years to my first foray into web development as a profession, just before the bubble burst. We were transferring files manually via FTP with no version control. I’d seen others sending unencrypted credit card information via email without a second though. Having spoken with others who were working in the industry at the time, it was certainly a fascinating time to be involved with huge opportunities for those that timed things correctly, albeit at the cost of security, stability and common sense.

Thankfully things have progressed massively, although with valuations of Uber, Airbnb et al, I do wonder if we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

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