Gram counting

One thing that I’m already planning on undertaking in 2017 is starting bikepacking — like backpacking, but on a bike. My trip around the North Coast 500 route gave me the taste for venturing further and I think it would be an adventure to be more self-supported.

I’m still researching and accumulating kit but one concern that is uppermost in my mind is keeping weight to a minimum. The bigger items (something to sleep in, on and under) can wait for a few months so for the moment I am focussing on cooking and eating equipment.

I’ve shelled out for some titanium pots (68g) in which I can heat water for preparing dehydrated meals. For starting a fire, all I need is a spark. I have a Swedish Army Firesteel, but at 51g it’s just over twice the weight of the BRS-3000T stove that I would be trying to ignite. A mini BIC lighter just over 11g and a box of waterproof matches 8g.

A friend found this flint wheel at 9g but I got to thinking. These Clipper replacement parts are £15 cheaper and 7g less weight.

I think I’m in danger of succumbing to the ultra lightweight obsession that appears to afflict a lot of people who enjoy the outdoors.

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