January: A Photo a Day

Happy New Year, welcome to 2016!

The first of my monthly challenges is to post a photo every day in January. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep going for the rest of the year but, going on past performance, there’s a chance that it will become more sporadic as the year progresses. I have toyed with the idea before but didn’t really think that I could deal with the commitment. Read into that what you will.

You may not be aware of it but there is an Edinburgh-based social network that was developed specifically for this kind of thing. Unfortunately, Blipfoto didn’t exactly have a great 2015 and its future remains uncertain to say the least — although there is a crowd funded rescue effort in play at the time of writing.

Consequently, I’ve (finally) signed up for Instagram. Much as I’d love to stick up for the start up, stability and ongoing development potential has won this one for me.

I’ve long-disliked the addition of filters to photos; I think it’s deceptive and puerile. Ultimately though, something that gets acquired for a billion dollars (yes, b — sickening, isn’t it?) is likely to be around for a bit.

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