Dinner is served

In my last Amazon delivery I found a flyer for £25 off from HelloFresh. Being a curious kind of fellow, I signed up and ordered my first box for the reduced rate of £14.

Now, I’m not exactly what I’d call an accomplished cook but I know my way around the kitchen and can follow a recipe.

I’d debate that I this was actually any cheaper, despite what was claimed. The only way I’d have got value is if the box also had a decent bottle of wine or two included. It was also a waste of packaging with individual sachets of balsamic vinegar and a tiny 26g jar of peanut butter for example. Yes, most of it was recyclable but as I’ve said time and again, recycling should be the last option.

I also don’t like being told what I’m going to cook. Planning and shopping is part and parcel of a meal for me.

Overall, the food was nice and the instructions clear and easy to follow. I have no doubt that some people may appreciate and find the service useful but it’s just not for me.

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