Starting anew

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
– Greek proverb

This year my household is seeing not one but two independence campaigns. One from Scotland and another from my two-year old daughter who suddenly wants to do everything herself.

It has made me think of what I’d like to see in a new country; one that was free from the complex interdependence, relationships and ties built up over centuries. I hold Norway in high regard with its zero debt and well-managed massive sovereign wealth fund but it’s not every country that has those kind of oil reserves.

I’m not talking about everyone being equal; I’m no communist. A fair society doesn’t necessarily imply an equal one. I’m probably paraphrasing and I can neither remember nor seem able to find out who first said this or where I heard it, but to me a fair society is one where you would be happy wherever you were placed within it.

Those of us who live in Scotland and who will be making the decision on the future of the country on the 18th of September this year have a responsibility to search out answers to the important questions — indeed, to first know what the questions and issues actually are; to learn as much as possible to make an informed choice instead of voting purely with the heart and gut feelings.

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