Vote with your wallet

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.”
— Anna Lappé

A few years ago now I wrote about the three Rs. I’m continuing to try and live as green as possible without going overboard. I gladly left the “big six” energy companies behind and signed up to a 100% renewable supply with Good Energy.

Another company I found and decided to give my business to was Splosh. I’ve tried a refillable approach in the past with Ecover but finding shops that had the facilities to refill their bottles proved annoyingly tricky. The overall process was slow, messy and not very convenient. I also remember bottles of milk on the doorstep when I was growing up. These were washed and refilled instead of being recycled. The same happened with Irn Bru bottles in my student days.

Splosh take a different tack to Ecover, old-fashioned dairies and fizzy orange-coloured Scottish drinks. You buy empty bottles from them and they send you sachets of super-concentrated products in the post that you dilute in these bottles with hot water direct from your tap. Another advantage that they have over other green cleaning products is that their stuff actually works really well.

The concentrated product market has grown in the past several years; cordial drinks and detergents for example. Why transport products that are predominately water when they can be used in smaller quantities or diluted at the consumer end?

I think the original three Rs should be expanded: Reduce, reuse, refill, recharge, repair, rehome and recycle.

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