The last broadcast

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.

After I moved in to my new flat (and once I had purchased an RF to coaxial cable) I found that the aerial didn’t actually pick up anything. Consequently I made the decision to stop watching broadcast TV; 95% of the content just doesn’t appeal to me and watching rolling news eke out non-events and struggle to make something out of nothing isn’t tremendously appealing.

Accordingly, and strictly speaking, I don’t need to pay my TV licence but in my opinion the quality of the BBC News website, iPlayer content and advert-free radio output is more than worth it. For under 40 pence per day. Somewhat annoyingly my LG doesn’t have other catch-up channels but the in-built Freeview means that I wouldn’t require another set-top box if I had reception.

Instead of just watching TV for the sake of it, I’m trying to do things instead: I’ve started a vegetable patch, I’m back cycling, running, cooking, blogging, coding and messing around with servers. I’ll maybe watch an hour or so of a box set via Netflix to relax and unwind in the evening. Kevin Spacey’s recent speech at Edinburgh Festival certainly hit on some very salient points.

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