Pastures new

I started toying around with HTML at university in the mid-90s when Yahoo still indexed the World Wide Web by hand. Little did I know.

After university and from responding to a job ad that nobody at Whitespace ever remembered placing to where I am today via a couple of months initial freelance work. That’s just shy of 13 years — very nearly a third of my life. I’d say that I’ve easily racked up my 10,000 Gladwell hours and it’s time for me to move on.

I’ve seen Whitespace grow from a handful of staff in the basement of (the now defunct) 1576 ad agency, having no account managers, coding in Perl and PHP 3 on Windows XP — without version control — using a dial-up connection to where we they are today; one of the best damn agencies in the country. I’ve been through two office moves and worked with well over 100 people — and that’s not including myriad student placements. I’ve had some late nights at truly epic parties and occasionally even later nights burning the midnight oil when the need arose. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve made some life-long friends in my time with Whitespace.

My friend Darcie makes the point nicely: you’re going to have to work so you might as well enjoy what you do. I love the ever-evolving nature of the Internet; there’s always going to be something to learn. I’m still working in the sector but I’m no longer in agency land.

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