Remember me?

Okay, long time no post. Not that I have a massive readership or anything but I find that blogging can be quite cathartic. I’ve started countless posts over the past 20 months or so which I’ve abandoned. I hadn’t written anything meaningful or of great length so I just moved them to the trash.

There have been some big changes. If you don’t know the main one that I’m talking about then you needn’t worry. If you do, then thanks for being there for me.

After almost 30 years I’m no longer pescetarian. Also, I’m no longer working at Whitespace where I’d been for 13 years. These are things I’ll expand on in time.

Other, smaller, things changed. For example, for a while I stopped wearing a watch. It wasn’t due to the false reasoning that I carry my phone around and hence have no need for one. I mean, why ferret around in my pocket to find my phone, turn it on to check the time and then put it back in my pocket when I can just glance at my wrist? No, I stopped wearing it — and sharper cufflinks — as I was frightened of scratching my daughter when I picked her up. Now she’s properly mobile — and heavy — I don’t carry her around quite as much.

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