This is another post topic taken from The Daily Post: Describe your dream house (cost and location are no issue).

House prices (like most financial things) confuse me. I’m of the opinion that it boils down a huge Government-sanctioned Ponzi scheme. I now wish I’d been irresponsible a decade ago when banks and building societies were doing the same and were practically falling over themselves to give people 125% self-certified mortgages. A house should be a place for living and not seen as an investment.

Some people want to leave their mark on the world. I want to do the exact opposite: to leave none, to have a positive impact on the planet. My ideal home wouldn’t be carbon neutral — it’d be carbon negative. I like to think I’ve got decent tastes and I know that Juliet certainly does and she would be on hand to keep any of my more silly ideas in check. I intensely dislike the Manchester United player Gary Neville as a footballer but his environmental attitude and plans for his new home are admirable — if not a little funny looking!

My ideal house would be more conventional in design and be mainly self-sufficient. It would be situated near a stream so I could operate small-scale hydro. The addition of a helical wind turbine and solar PV on the south-facing roof surfaces would generate more than enough electricity for us which we could then sell back to the national grid on a feed-in tariff. There’d also be solar heating panels, ground and air source heat pumps for underfloor heating and a hopper-fed biomass pellet boiler as a backup to keep us warm.

Making the best and most efficient use of our generated power is also high on my list. As this is just fantasy and money is no object I’d insulate the building with Aerogel and have triple glazing with insulated frames. LED lighting would be installed throughout with A+++ rated appliances.

Water is another consideration. I’d set up rainwater harvesting, a grey water system and install aerated showers with heat exchangers. In order to keep food miles to a minimum there would be herb and vegetable gardens, a solar tunnel and hydroponicum, an orchard, apiary, and keep chickens and goats.

All this goes to show just how much technology has been developed to address our impact on the planet. We need to start using it.

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