Spend spend spend!

I didn’t win the EuroMillions lottery jackpot this week and will be back at work on Monday.

Truth be told, I would certainly not go public with the news that I was almost £162 million pounds better off. I’d carry on working for a while until the mystery had died down and people had largely forgotten about it all — the stories of ruined lives are all too commonplace in the tales of lottery winners. Still, it’s somewhat difficult to feel too sorry for them.

Had I beaten the ludicrous odds I’d like to think that I’d be able do some real good in the world and not fritter it away on frivolities like a luxury box at a football ground 1,200 miles from my house.

Obviously with a win of the magnitude that has just been claimed, allowing yourself some indulgences would be a matter of course. Seeing that family were taken care of would be very closely followed by a splurge: several things from the Apple Store, Charvet shirts, a handmade Pinarello and a nice holiday would all be on the cards.

However, any similarity to Brewster’s Millions would be short-lived.

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