Chance would be a fine thing

This is the second post of mine inspired by the WordPress Daily Post blog: “What would change if you were president for a day?”

This would obviously give me a great opportunity to start the Nevolution designed to rid the world of personal annoyances but on a less tongue-in-cheek note, I’d also be able to put policies in place that would affect the lives of others, for the better in my opinion.

I’m not a politician. Among the first things I’d do would be to literally kick George Osborne out of the treasury and then surround myself with smart people who know their stuff. People like Paul Krugman, Michael Geist and Bruce Schneier. People who are not interested in maintaining the status quo or preserving the interests of the rich or themselves.

  • Enshrine net neutrality in law. The freedom and openness of the Internet is probably the single most important thing that has emerged from the past 15 years and it needs to be protected from those who wish to exploit it.
  • Fewer managers, more nurses. The NHS has been decimated in the past decade. PFI hospitals are a financial disgrace where it costs £15 to get a lightbulb changed. Some have attributed the rise of MRSA and other superbugs the private cleaning firms. Let’s give the hospitals back to the nurses and doctors.
  • Legalised assisted suicide.
  • Ditch unelected bishops from the House of Lords and make Iran unique in maintaining this ludicrous position. In fact I’d go further, completely removing religion from politics and limiting it’s influence in education — no more divisive faith schools.
  • Close tax loopholes and make sure that we really are “all in this together”.
  • Put an end to political lobbying or at the very least make it completely transparent. How those with a vested interest and enough money can be seen to influence governments is a disgrace.
  • Implement the Robin Hood tax. It just makes sense. The banks need to make amends.
  • A sustainable fishery policy. Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight and the End of the Line documentary have raised the issue but now action needs to be taken.
  • End the disgusting practise of food speculation.
  • More time for home economics and physical education in school — these are the two most important things that children will learn. Obesity is a huge issue: how can children expect to keep healthy if they don’t know how to cook, how to plan their meals for the week or how what they eat affects their body? Parents today either weren’t taught themselves or claim that they don’t have time to cook with their children.
  • Speaking of children, I’d do whatever I could to put a complete stop to their sexualisation by the high street. Children shouldn’t be in a rush to grow up: they should be dressed like children. Unrealistic, airbrushed, unobtainable images of models in newspapers and magazines should be clearly marked as so to further aid in the fight against poor body image.

Obviously there are some populist current views in here and some that won’t be as popular with everyone but, off the top of my head, I think that these are some of the important issues that need to be addressed. I’d also probably need to be emperor of the world to get some of the motions carried and few of them would be fully achievable in one day.

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