Equality for all

“Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights, regardless of race, sex or sexuality.”
— David Cameron

I thought that Cameron’s speech declaring the failure of multiculturism sounded familiar. A few months ago a speech by Angela Merkel reached the very same conclusion in respect to Germany.

Modern society should not be tolerant of intolerance. When patriotism spills over into wide-spread nationalism there are underlying issues that obviously need to be addressed. Many people harbour a deep-rooted sense of perceived injustice by the hand of immigration policy and this simmering unrest is frequently fuelled by the media.

However, it’s not all about religion and Islamic extremism in particular. I’m yet to be convinced that Cameron will deliver on his promise apropos true equality for all. In the times of political spin, I’ll continue to harbour mistrust of these soundbites until we see the government take positive steps toward legalised gay marriage or civil partnerships for hetrosexual couples for example.

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