New look

Now that my domain troubles have been sorted out I’ve (obviously) got my blog back. You may notice a new look if you’ve visited previously. Shiny as it was, I’ve given up on k2 as — I get the feeling — have the developers and gone with the Twenty Ten theme developed for the release of WordPress 3.0 last year. Obviously, I’ll be tweaking a few things to differ from the default.

When getting my site back up-and-running, I also took the opportunity to switch servers at my host which necessitated a clean install. For some unknown reason the update process in WordPress had stopped working anyway so starting over wasn’t actually that bad a thing. Besides, the custom one-click installers provided by the chaps at WebFaction and the export functionality of WordPress made the process extremely simple.

The new server is still Apache but now with Nginx as a reverse proxy to serve static files. Handily enough, static files are exactly what the WP Super Cache plugin delivers. Further optimisation is achieved by the WP Minify plugin and I also make use of the experimental Google-developed mod_pagespeed Apache module provided by my host.

All of this, coupled with moving away from a slow-loading theme, has increased performace by a factor of 10 according to some cursory ApacheBench testing.

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