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It’s time once again for my annual gaze into the future. I do appear to get a little ahead of the times on occasion. Last year I mentioned sea miles and almost 12 months later, Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room launches the website in an attempt to achieve a 25% reduction in emissions from global shipping. Two years ago I thought F1 was in trouble and the associated negative environmental impact was an issue. Only now are plans coming to fruition.

Now for 2011. The Y2K bug passed pretty much unnoticed a decade ago and the next date-related computer issue isn’t until 2038. Ever since Vint Cerf decided on the IPv4 system that identifies devices on the Internet the clock has been counting down to the date that the address pool runs dry. Hopefully there won’t be much online disruption during the switch to IPv6.

Something else that I called in the past was the Google OS. It’s a fairly obvious one but it’s taken time to come about but last week the first Chrome OS netbook saw the light of day. Google have had a seperate platform for a while now in Android and I – like others – think that outright failure or at least some degree of convergence is bound to happen.

You think that your printer ink is expensive now? Wait to you have to buy refills for your 3D printer. Purchasing and downloading the plans for a new toy over the Internet that you can then send to your printer to have it constructed at home will be massively popular. Next year may be a little early for a 3D printer in every home but expect to see more of them.

Less popular appears to be 3D TV. In the run up to Christmas I’ve seen offers of 25% discounts as stores try and get sales moving as 2010 proved to be something of a damp squib. Whether that is to do with the lack of quality content, the glasses or a genuine lack of interest remains to be seen. I don’t think sales will exactly rocket in 2011 either with tax rises and on-going belt-tightening. Besides, it’s not all that long until UHDTV will be the new technology for the marketeers to try and persuade us that we need.

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