Moments in Malaga

Vegetable stand at Malaga Market

Juliet and I are just back from a few days away in Spain. We flew in to Malaga for a night before heading inland to visit her parents.

Malaga has a wonderful bustling market which is absolutely packed with locally grown vegetables, wild mushrooms and fresh seafood. The stall holders are very friendly – even if you’re not exactly a fluent Spanish speaker1 – and their produce is extremely well priced.

Mound of garlic

After loaded the car up with fish and vegetables we had one last wander around Malaga for some tapas. I’m delighted that we did as we happened upon a wandering jazz band playing a slow beat version of Folsom Prison Blues. Unlike other street entertainment they were not asking for money but ambling between cafés and bars, leading people around with them like some kind of Pied Piper in exchange for the occasional beer. Either the local council was paying them or they were actually just doing it for the fun of it. Either way, it was fantastic!

1 As my Spanish langauge capabilities are pretty much limited to asking for a beer and saying that my donkey has died, I armed myself with the Talking Spanish Phrasebook iPhone app which was of immense help.

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