An Apple a day…

“You can’t polish a turd.”
– Derived from a Persian proverb

After much speculation it’s looking likely that Edinburgh is finally on the verge of getting an Apple Store.

First mooted for Princess Street almost four years ago, rumours died off for a while until speculation rose again last April before the tram work railings that were reminiscent of the Sangatte refugee camp put the kibosh on things.

Princes Street though? The local rag asked not so long ago if the tram works had ruined it. To be honest, it was ruined long before the tram disruption began. I tend to completely avoid it nowadays. It’s little more than cheap tat shops blaring out tacky music for tourists, aggressive Big Issue sellers, professional beggars and charity muggers.

Maybe Apple coming to town could herald a turn of the tide. I’m willing to bet that the council have negotiated a very nice deal in the hope that like will attract like. You may not be able to polish a turd1 – but you can certainly roll it in glitter.

1 It would appear that Mythbusters would disagree.

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