Nev’s fashion fix

“Fashion is merely a form of ugliness so unbearable that we are compelled to alter it ever six months.”
– Oscar Wilde

The steadily increasing stream of students to Edinburgh for university Freshers Week has made me start to notice what will probably turn out to be the next bloody awful trend for the desperately effete hipster fauxhemians: half-mast trousers.

Along with the low-slung skinny jeans, v-neck T-shirts, cardigans, winklepickers, slouchy beanies and accessory scarves that would only keep your neck warm if it were to be set on fire (hold on to that thought for a moment), these too-short trousers have yet to fully permeate into society but I still find it hard not to burst out laughing when I’ve seen them – they immediately make me think back to the unpopular kids at school who underwent a sudden growth spurt and had to wait a month or so before they got a new pair of strides.

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3 thoughts on “Nev’s fashion fix”

  1. @Alex, I was unsure if I should have filed this under “Rants” or simply “Personal”. It doesn’t upset me, but man, does it ever make me laugh. Maybe “Humour” would have been a better tag?

  2. I most enjoyed this particular rant. Please can you start a blog consisting solely of rants? Or even better, solely of anti-fashion rantings?

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