Wave goodbye

Google Wave is no more.

Like a lot of geeks I eagerly sourced an early invite on Twitter and, once it arrived, signed in with great anticipation. After all, this was from Google and touted as being the end of spam email while also doubling as a tool for fantastically easy collaboration to allow me to leverage my synergies. Or something like that.

Except it wasn’t. The marketeers had over promised and the engineers under delivered. It quickly became apparent that this was no Maps or Docs which both went mainstream with very quick adoption by geeks and non-geeks alike.

It might have been an unfinished Beta release but the UI was bespoke, fiddly and confusing, the interaction almost unusably sluggish and the concept was never really explained concisely. Most people dabbled and then very quickly went back to their disparate email, instant messaging and wikis.

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