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Consistently smaller

If you’re anything like me then you’ll hand-craft your code to give you a fine-grained control over how things are done. Like a lot of geeks, I’m a bit of a code-snooper and the OCD side of me feels more … Continue reading

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Be still, my beating heart

For me, the nadir of health and cooking occurred in 2009 when deep fried butter was on the menu at the Texas State Fair. This year, deep frying Guinness (other fried alcohol is available) appears to be a major attraction. … Continue reading

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Recycle less

Yes, you read that correctly: I said recycle less. At first glance you’d think that I’d turned my back on my usual green practices but you’d be wrong. When you start thinking about things throughout their lifecycle you start to … Continue reading

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I’m not using the word “debt” in the traditional monetary sense here but in terms of global capacity. On Saturday we, as a planet, used up all of the resources that the Earth can produce and renew in one year. … Continue reading

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Time lapse Perseids

We didn’t quite have the Sigur Rós soundtrack or see things happening quite so fast last week when Juliet and I ventured down to Galloway Forest Park but we did have a blanket and a bottle of champagne which more … Continue reading

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“Darker than a black steer’s tukhus on a moonless prarie night” – The Stranger, The Big Lebowski Despite it’s size, Scotland is spoiled for areas of great beauty. Also, in the more remote parts, Scotland is also blessed with areas … Continue reading

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Wave goodbye

Google Wave is no more. Like a lot of geeks I eagerly sourced an early invite on Twitter and, once it arrived, signed in with great anticipation. After all, this was from Google and touted as being the end of … Continue reading

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