Stating the obvious

There’s been a whole lot of anger about the reception issues on the new iPhone 4 lately and I can’t help but be reminded of the old joke about the man who goes to see his doctor:

Man: Doctor, it hurt’s when I do this!
Doctor: Well don’t do that then!

Seriously, if holding the phone a certain way does affect performance then I don’t see it being a huge problem to be asked to hold the phone in a slightly different way – and a solution that, frankly, I’d hope most intelligent people could work out for themselves. Others disagree that this is a satisfactory suggestion.

Apple are not the kind of company that releases a product without a lot of thought being put into it (cf. Microsoft Kin). If there was a serious issue then the product would be held back while the situation was fully resolved, as has happened before.

The issue apparently stems from an FCC regulation about the amount of radiation that should be directed at your head.