End of an era

“He who dies with the most toys is, nonetheless, still dead.”
– Riposte to the No Fear T-shirts of the mid-90s

After four years of student life and nigh on a decade living as a bachelor, I’ve just taken a huge step and moved into a new flat with my girlfriend. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement!

Neither of us have moved in with the other. Reasons of space aside, neutral territory just makes better sense in terms of nullifying any perceived views of encroachment.

I’m finding it sort of depressing having seen my worldly possessions reduced to a stack of cardboard boxes. That said, you can’t pack the ethereal. There is a smidgen of guilt that I didn’t save more money during the time I was living for a lot less. I keep having to remind myself that in that time I not only paid off my overdraft and student loans but I was also fortunate enough to manage an awesome three months on a worldwide trip of a lifetime.

From time-to-time I (and I guess everybody else) does ponder the “what ifs” of life. What if I hadn’t gone to university? What if I hadn’t gone on that trip? What if I hadn’t talked to that person in that bar? Obviously none of us will ever know but this I do know: I am fantastically happy having taken the path I have through life so far – be it through active choice, fate or happy coincidence.

To paraphrase Calvin, following the traditional British route of saving hard for a deposit, taking out a hefty mortgage and obsessing about being a homeowner may be “the done thing” by this stage in my life but I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am with the experiences that I now have had I gone down that path.

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