Spring to, er, “spring” soon

Here in Edinburgh, the nighttime temperatures are still well below freezing point, giving motorists a thick frost to scrape off their windscreens in the morning. The “thin ice” warning signs along the Union canal are almost obsolete: the patches of ice that do remain would struggle to support the weight of light waterfowl, nevermind that of a car.

I’m aware that this time last year the UK was still recovering from crippling snowstorms that paralysed the country. Indeed, the weather achieved what even the Blitz didn’t and stopped the bus services in London.

Nevertheless, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that Spring is just around the corner. It’s almost light when I get up on the morning and almost still light when I leave the office. On average, Spring is arriving 11 days earlier than it did 35 years ago.

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