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I didn’t have quite the same reaction as Hitler but yes, I was disappointed. Living up to the amount of hype generated would have been nigh on impossible but I still think Apple have a case to answer to defend against the trade descriptions act: despite what they say, this device is neither magical or revolutionary. The iPhone was magical and revolutionary when it was first demonstrated – unlike anything we’d seen before. This iPad device however . . .

. . . I don’t know. It just seemed like we’d already seen this before somewhere.

My immediate annoyance was with the name: iPad. iPad? My first thought when this moniker was first mooted was that it reminded me of a feminine hygiene product. Turns out I wasn’t the first to think along those lines. Mad TV just received what could possibly be the biggest bump in YouTube history. It has become apparent that Fujitsu also appear to have a claim on the name.

The beginnings of the iPhone are said to be in a device termed the Safari Pad so I guess the name is a logical progression of that. Arthur C. Clarke also alluded to such a product in 2001: A Space Odyssey – only his device was called the Newspad.

I agree that “Tablet” and “Slate” conjure up images of heavy or flakey stone devices and weren’t likely to be the final choice. I’ve since also come to appreciate that Apple played a great bait and switch with the trademarking of iSlate which Microsoft bought hook, line and sinker and felt that they had to respond somehow. iSlate or “Is Late”?

The response on Twitter was split right down the middle but I’m trying to keep the infamous MacRumors thread #500 uppermost in my mind. I do think – which Michael Pusateri and Stephen Fry ably point out – that as soon as I actually get to play with the iPad I’ll probably snap one up on the spot.

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4 thoughts on “The iPad”

  1. i am planning to buy an iPad since it looks lighter than a regular desknote and i don not use much of the features of a laptop.-..

  2. I had thought that it would be the device that got me over to the mac dark side having been a PC/smartphone boy these last few years. Bitter disappointment…no multitask as Mike said, no HDMI out for movies to my TV, no camera for Skype or Augmented Reality, no flash video (app needed for youtube/vimeo), no industry standard connections like USB/SD/mSD.
    There, thats my frustrations out!

    1. YouTube and Vimeo appear to be phasing out Flash in favour of standards compliance. This is a Good Thing™

      The 30-pin dock connector looks like it has at least an SD card reader available which doesn’t tie the device to the connector technology of the moment so there’s no need to replace the entire device when something better comes along or you end up with spare port when another technology becomes obsolete.

  3. Nev, I’ll be getting one.

    But one thing I totally missed last night, and that is a poor do imho, is that it does nae multitask, (picked that up from gizmodo.)


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