Free power

CES is over for another year and a seemingly massive concerted push for 3D was the stand out news for me. There’s still a huge disconnect between the perceived worth of these products and the actual value they bring to our lives. While 3D looks like it’s here to stay for the movies there’s probably quite a low demand for the technology in the home for the passive TV-in-the-background type of viewer. Until another breakthrough in something like the holographic projection front then I’m going to stick it out with normal broadcasts.

One product that did catch my eye was the Airenergy harvester that claims to pull energy from wifi signals just like Ed Begley Junior’s go-cart. However, not everyone is convinced that the gadget does exactly what it says on the tin.

Wireless power is certainly nothing new: Tesla was experimenting with it over 100 years ago. Several years ago I started to get all excited by SplashPower – which has now become the far-less-catchy ecoupled. You may be more familiar with the Power Mat after their advertising campaign just before Christmas.

The ultimate goal for wireless power is to beam solar energy back from space. Japan has big plans to be a pioneer in this field. The future looks like it’s finally only a few years away, I’ll have a flying car yet!

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