Behind the scenes

The PQP profiler from Particletree is a very handy thing to have in your development toolbox. However, it doesn’t deal with the ever-increasing amount of work done via Ajax requests. Or, at least, it didn’t.

Back in the days when FireBug actually worked reliably, FirePHP was a very handy plugin that enabled you to view trace statements and debug information generated by PHP scripts requested by an XMLHttpRequest object. It occurred to me that I could use the same method of piggybacking JSON encoded messages in the HTTP headers, parse them with JavaScript and dynamically update the PQP Console. This way also means that a native cross-browser solution would be available.

The Prototype library has great Ajax support. Two features in particular allowed me to implement this new functionality extremely quickly: it adds a header that identifies requests as being of type XMLHttpRequest (as does jQuery) and has a global responders object (which jQuery lacks) that means any Ajax request created can automatically have the required callbacks registered. In short, you won’t need to change your code – as long as you’re using Prototype as well that is, although I’m sure one of you clever jQuery types can knock something up fairly quickly!

I made some fairly minimal changes to the PQP classes to add the new functionality (and to satisfy my obsession with coding standards). I also tidied up the JavaScript to ensure that the Prototype library would be available and take advantage of it for tab switching and DOM manipulation.

I’ll polish it a little, integrate it with my ongoing PDO work and document it properly later on but for now you can go and have a look at an example over at my playground.

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