I’ve been convinced for a while now that Google are up to something. I’m not talking about the real-time results inclusion that launched today but something more fundamental that will have a huge impact next year.

A couple of weeks after the announcement of the Chromium SPDY protocol we now get the Google public DNS. OpenDNS founder David Ulevitch shared his thoughts on this pretty quickly. Then there’s all that Dark Fiber that we first knew about a few years ago that I suspect we still don’t know the full details of.

Is this all just positioning for the best possible experience of Chrome OS next year? Speed of connectivity and reliability are going to be key. Google have reportedly dropped Gears – their proprietary browser plugin – in favour of the offline caching features found in the as yet unfinished HTML 5 specification.

Google’s corporate mantra of “Don’t be evil” is quite subjective. Just how much control do you want to give a single entity? The recent aggregation of data held on an individual from each of their services through the new Dashboard was a very welcome move. They also appear to act responsibly and actively avoid being a brain drain on the rest of the industry.

If relinquishing control to Google and newly designed – preferably open source – protocols eliminates the problem of spam and phising then I for one would welcome our new Internet overlords.

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