It’s somehow already December.

Traditionally, I like to do a little end of year review during the final month of the year. Unlike Popular Mechanics who – at the start of October – included the Techcrunch Crunchpad tablet computer in their ā€œ10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009ā€.

Things weren’t looking promising at the start of November with no sign of any actual product and, sure enough, yesterday Michael Arrington of Techcrunch announced that the aforementioned device wasn’t going to happen after all due to their hardware partner boning them at the last minute. Still, despite reading Arrington’s claim that the Crunchpad “went hours without crashing” (which didn’t exactly fill me with enthusiasm), it’s a shame that we won’t get to see this latest renewed attempt to tackle the tablet form factor just yet.

Update: Google also released their annual Zeitgeist today covering 2009 in searches.

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