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2010: Things to come

Time to dust off the crystal ball and have a wild stab at what may happen in the coming 12 months. There were some disappointments in 2009: Google Wave certainly didn’t live up to the hype but maybe things will … Continue reading

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2010: Things to do

It’s almost the end of the year. A lot of us will be making the usual New Years resolutions again: drink less, exercise more, eat better. We say this every year, thinking about improving our health and ourselves. It lasts … Continue reading

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Farewell 2009

2009 was the year for a lot of goodbyes. Among them: Keith Floyd, Compuserve, Bobby Robson, Bea Arthur, Geocities, Farrah Fawcett, Jade Goody, Dubai, Ricardo Montalban, Patrick McGoohan, XHTML2, Patrick Swayze and Michael Jackson. I’d be willing to bet that … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes

The PQP profiler from Particletree is a very handy thing to have in your development toolbox. However, it doesn’t deal with the ever-increasing amount of work done via Ajax requests. Or, at least, it didn’t. Back in the days when … Continue reading

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I’ve been convinced for a while now that Google are up to something. I’m not talking about the real-time results inclusion that launched today but something more fundamental that will have a huge impact next year. A couple of weeks … Continue reading

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It’s not just the end of 2009 but also the end of the ‘noughties’ decade. Thankfully that term never really took off. What to call the impending decade is a similarly tricky question. Yesterday, Australia voted for One-ders1 in a … Continue reading

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It’s somehow already December. Traditionally, I like to do a little end of year review during the final month of the year. Unlike Popular Mechanics who – at the start of October – included the Techcrunch Crunchpad tablet computer in … Continue reading

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