PHP Development with Snow Leopard

I spend most of my working day developing with PHP and Apache on a Postgres database back-end. Mac OS X coming complete with two out of these three things is great but traditionally the standard installs have been a little out-dated leaving most developers to rely on people like Marc Liyanage to take care of building the packages for us. Ironically, it was a remnant of a previous entropy install that was causing me grief with Apache earlier in the week1.

With Snow Leopard I was very happy to see PHP 5.3 installed but Postgres was still notable by it’s absence. In order to replicate my day-to-day environment, I’d have to roll up my sleeves and get a little dirty with the Terminal – but not too dirty!

I also upgraded PEAR to install PHPUnit, PhpDocumentor and Phing. I had been meaning to play around with some more advanced debugging and profiling tools for a while and found the instructions for installing Xdebug very helpful.

Finally, I installed some pretty GUIs makes my life easier and shinier:

1 In case you’re curious, an extra and obsolete configuration file in /private/etc/apache2/users/ cascaded down to httpd-userdir.conf and httpd.conf which meant that Apache would not start.


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