Stand by for action

It has occurred to me recently that I actually have a huge body of work from which to draw inspiration for topics to blog about, namely what I do during my working day and have been doing for nigh on ten years now.

There was no such thing as JavaScript when I first set foot on the Internet and it was a few months thereafter until you could achieve such things as centered text on a webpage. A decade ago web design and development was still in its infancy – as can be witnessed when you look at how some popular pages used to look.

I was quite late to the PHP 5 party but I’m glad of this in a way. It’s only as of February this year and the release of version 5.2.9 that a lot of major bugs were squashed and things settled down in my opinion.

There have always been loads of guides and how-to’s available online of varying levels of quality, from the tips of the accomplished expert to the outdated views of the novice. For the next month or so, I’ll be throwing my hat into the ring and sharing some techniques and code samples that I’ve developed over the years.

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