Is it going to be berry cold?

While walking home one night last week I couldn’t help but notice that the trees appeared to be particularly heavily laden with berries. Now I can’t actually remember the berry yield from year to year but my immediate thought was: looks like it’s going to be a bad winter.

I’m not alone in thinking like this. Judy Lowe rejects this reasoning out of hand but – and this may be a coincidence – New England did have a pretty harsh time of it last winter with ice storms and the like leaving one million people without power. It was also colder than average for us at this side of the Atlantic with everything pretty much grinding to a halt after the first significant snowfall in years.

My thinking like this probably stems from growing up around farms in the Pennines and picking up natural weather forecasting indicators like cows laying down in fields, spiders at the edges of their web and rings around the moon.

Although having said this, after the BBQ summer failed to materialise maybe I should take a break from the weather forecasting lark.

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