Days of summer

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing
– Sir Rannulph Fiennes

It was late again before I left the office this evening – partly due to waiting for the rain to stop. I got about three minutes along the road before the first rain drop of a fresh deluge hit my chest and I was surprised by just how heavy it felt. I looked up and the sky was very dark; this was going to be some downpour and there was I without my umbrella or anything vaguely approaching waterproof in terms of clothing. Sure enough, I was forced to shelter in a doorway for the next ten minutes while stair-rods bounced down.

Today is the first day of September which, for me, indicates the end of summer. The Edinburgh Festival is over and done with for another year bar the fireworks, a new football season is underway and the evenings are darkening earlier.

I had a good feeling about this summer and while the weather may not have lived up to my expectations, in many other ways I couldn’t have hoped for better.

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