A two way thing

I’ve just realised how long it’s been since I posted anything here. My blog isn’t alone in suffering from a little neglect. It’s estimated that 95% of blogs have essentially been abandoned. While Twitter is more than likely distracting me somewhat, I don’t think that it’s entirely to blame. I never saw this blog as a fast-track to Internet fame but as a more cathartic outlet.

With hindsight I’ve noticed that a lot of my posts have been ranting about something or other and recently I’ve just been to happy to complain about anything with any degree of conviction. That was, until the start of the week. Not that I am no longer happy, but more that something really pissed me off.

My morning walk to the office usually1 takes me though Haymarket and the major roadworks that are taking place there at the moment in preparation for the new trams in Edinburgh. The pavements have been somewhat narrowed by so much fencing as to be remeniscent of the Sangatte refugee camp. However, this did not deter a woman in her late 50s from trying to cycle through the rush hour pedestrian traffic. I decided that it was my civic duty to not only ask her to dismount and inform her of her stupidity but also point out that this was in fact illegal and bikes belonged on the road (I stopped short of telling her that she was old enough to know better).

Her response was something that I’d expect more from a cheeky teenager: a sarcastic “Oh really, do they?” over her shoulder as she persevered in trying to ride through the crowd. If the tables were turned and that was my comeback to her I strongly suspect that she’d be penning a letter to the newspaper bemoaning the breakdown of social order and the lack of respect in the modern society, signing off “aggrieved of Morningside”.

The recent passing of people like Henry Allingham and Harry Patch serves to reinforce the truism that respect is something to be earned and not automatically awarded with age.

1 I do like to vary my route to break up the monotony – and also to keep any potential kidnappers on their toes.

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