Twitter effect

As has been witnessed before by many people who blog, activity elsewhere can have a detrimental effect on the frequency of your posts. Not only have I not updated my blog for a good couple of weeks but I’ve also noticed that my Facebook activity has all but stopped completely.

It’s not just excessive tweeting and other online distractions that have occupied me recently. A couple of weddings, a stag weekend and a very busy period at work (about which I shouldn’t really moan too much, all things considered1) have all colluded to keep me from blogging recently. Things don’t seem to be getting any quieter in the near future either. For a start, this weekend sees the christening and first birthday of my gorgeous niece who I don’t see nearly enough of. I’m going to use the long weekend visiting my brother and sister-in-law to try and get them comfortable with using Skype.

1 I refuse to employ the overused term “current climate”.

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