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We’ve all been there. You’ve made an update to your website but you can’t see the change for some reason. It pays to check the basics first before you get totally frustrated and stare at your SQL query or regular expression blankly for 30 minutes, screaming “why don’t you just work?” and turning the air blue.

Ask yourself:

  • Did you edit the right file?
  • Did you actually upload a file?
  • Did you upload the right file?
  • Did you save the changes first?
  • Are you connected to the correct server?
  • Did you upload it to the correct directory?
  • Are you refreshing the correct browser window or tab?

If you can confidently reply yes in answer to each of these questions then you’re probably suffering from some form of code blindness. Either ask a collegue to take a look at your work or take a break and go for a coffee – the solution will be so obvious when you get back that you’ll feel like screaming again.

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One thought on “Tips from the top”

  1. did you turn off CMS cache
    restrart the browser
    check it on a different browser
    different computer
    make an obvious change that will work

    nice post


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