Hobbling Bluetooth

I’m having a problem with Bluetooth in the office at the moment. In my pre-iPhone days, one of my favourite things about using Salling Clicker in conjunction with my Sony Ericsson k700i was that I could walk away from my desk and Adium would set my instant messenging status to “Away”. This worked fine in the flat where internal walls would limit the Bluetooth signal. At the time I was still shackled to a PC at work and Salling Clicker was only available for OS X.

Bluetooth support on the iPhone is, frankly, poor. Nevertheless, after finding the Proximity application, I hoped to restore my previous automated IM status messages. We’re very fortunate to have an open-plan office in the middle of Edinburgh and this is causing a problem. Unless I’m in the server room or have left the building completely, then I am still in range of my computer but I’m clearly away from my desk. I have exactly the opposite problem to usual: Bluetooth range is just too good.

I’d like to inhibit Bluetooth performance to a class three equivalent which has a range of about one meter. To this end, I’m looking for some kind of case for the Mac Mini. I think that the top left corner of the Mac Mini is where the Bluetooth gubbins is located so I may start experimenting with some shielding there.

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One thought on “Hobbling Bluetooth”

  1. Surely tinfoil and duck tape would do the trick 😉
    Adjusting the range by poking wee holes in the foil of course.

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