2008: The weird

Next up are some of the more bizarre things I stumbled upon this year:

  • PETA killed 97% of animals that they took in for adoption in 2006.
  • Voytek, the Polish soldier bear that fought in the Second World War, is to get a statue in Edinburgh.
  • Hot food can make you deaf or even kill you.
  • Eating out doesn’t make you fat after all. Indeed, Ryan Lochte won four gold medals at the Beijing Olympic Games on an almost exclusive McDonalds diet.
  • Speaking of the Olympics, the starting gun that is still used gives an advantage to athletes on the inside track.
  • Men are redundant as a gender. It’s not just humans either. A “virgin birth” has been observed in a shark for the second time.
  • Sending SMS data is four times more expensive than getting data from the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • According to the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation the entire biomass of the Earth will be made out of Jesus in 4.91 billion years.

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