Aims for 2009

I used to be conceited but now I’m perfect

Nobody is perfect – we could all improve ourselves a little. It could be spending time becoming better at what we already do or trying something different altogether. It could be finding more time for friends and family or it could be doing that one truly altruistic good deed for a complete stranger.

To that end, here is my list of five things that I’ll be trying to focus on in the year ahead:

  • Learn first aid
    On the way home from the pub a few months ago, I walked into a scenario with a couple of people next to a middle-aged woman lying in the street and it was obvious that they were unsure as to how to help. Apparently she had walked into a pole (small ‘p’), fallen into the road, knocked herself semi-conscious and was bleeding quite badly from her head. I took off my jacket to keep her warm, sent the young man across the street to Derya kebab shop for some napkins to hold against the wound, asked the young girl to have a quick look in the woman’s handbag for some identification while I called for an ambulance. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing serious but I’m not sure how I would have handled myself had the situation been more severe.
  • Get rid of my floordrobe
    My bedroom may be a bit of a mess but I’m still more Felix Ungar than Oscar Maddison when it comes to my environment. I just can’t be bothered putting clothes away (or in the laundry basket when the time arrives – I have many subtle levels of cleanliness, not just “clean” and “dirty”). Must get into better habits.
  • Build an iPhone application
    I’ve got the SDK and played around a little occasionally. Thanks to Apple scrapping their ridiculous non-disclosure contract for developers there are more and more sites and resources available for people to share their coding tips and tricks. All I need now is an idea.
  • Brush up on my front-end skills
    While I can model a real-world problem to a 2NF relational database design very well, my XHTML and CSS have become very rusty from a lack of practice.
  • Talk more
    I’ve never really been one for talking much, which is one of the reasons that I started this blog. I go for months without speaking to friends who live in other places – not necessarily places that are all that far away either. SMS, email and Facebook are easy ways to just fire off a quick message but they seem a little impersonal. Maybe they’re a little too easy and get taken for granted. Either way, armed with the recipe for the perfect phone call, I plan to start actually talking to my friends more frequently.

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