2008: Personal targets reviewed

I set myself a few targets at the start of the year. Not hard-and-fast resolutions exactly but rather some guidelines. With the end of 2008 rapidly approaching, I thought I’d have a quick check on how I did.

  • Get back in shape
    I took a good few months off while I was away traveling but after getting back and finding out about my high blood pressure I found a new impetus to get my ass to the gym.
  • Spend more time in the kitchen
    I’m not a chef per se but I can follow a recipe. I’m still enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon in the kitchen cooking for the week ahead with a glass of wine in hand, Keith Floyd style. I hate wasting food so I try and plan my meals as much as I can and write a list over breakfast. I make sure that I head out for my groceries straight after this so that I’m not hunger shopping.
  • Learn jQuery
    Well I may not have got to grips with jQuery fully but I have used it a few times. It is annoyingly similar to Prototype but different enough to confuse me. It has been adopted by Microsoft and other heavy hitters so maybe I’ll have to stick at it.
  • Start using GTD principles
    I’ve always loved making lists. Partly for the procrastination that they offer while I take stock of what I need to do. Unfortunately, these lists have usually lived on the back of envelopes and other pieces of paper and soon vanish. I’ve started using Things and it has helped me keep control of different projects in (and out of) the office and become far more organised in general. There is also an iPhone client so that I always have my lists with me.
  • Stop buying shiny things
    This depends on your definition of ‘shiny’ and ‘things’. I did splurge on a round the world ticket but this wasn’t shiny and as it was an e-ticket there was nothing physical either. To reward myself I purchased a JBL OnStage IIIP Portable Speaker

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