Technology to the rescue

Thanks to me living in Scotland, I was unable to watch the Germany vs. England football match on television last night. The game was broadcast south of the border on ITV1 but STV had to go with a repeat showing of Inspector Morse spin-off Lewis instead for some reason or other. Scotland played Argentina but this was shown on Sky Sports satellite channel, which my flatmate and I decided was too extortionate many months ago.

I was about to switch on the radio and listen to the game on BBC Radio Five Live when I remembered about Zattoo. This allows you to watch a selection of TV stations on your computer in several European countries for free and – most importantly last night – included in these channels is ITV1 London.

Yesterday the BBC announced that their main channels will be simulcast online from next week. This is simply massive news and will no doubt cause UK ISPs some major headaches with the inevitable increase in traffic this will bring.

Cool as this is, I do have worries about the implications this has for the television license here in the UK. Previously you were usually okay if you didn’t own a television set but with more channels being online it will soon be assumed that you must be watching tv programmes if you own a computer and no doubt it will be up to you to prove otherwise.

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