Give it another go

I’ve mocked Twitter whenever it has been mentioned at the weekly Edinburgh Coffee Morning – and it’s mentioned quite often with people like Mike Coulter in attendance. I think my main mistake in the past has been relying on my FriendFeed as a hub for all my updates. You simply just don’t get the interactive conversation element of Twitter and it’s only now that I’ve happened across a lot of my @replies that I missed months ago. I’m now all set with Twhirl and Twinkle so I don’t miss anything again.

I decided to give Twitter another shot last week. Within minutes, 10 Downing Street and the geek luminaries zefrank, Chris Pirillo and Jason Calacanis were following me too. This is probably down to them using TweetLater or something similar rather than a manual process (unlike Steven Fry who added me after a couple of days, although I’m led to believe that it’s his PA who adds his followers).

Things are going crazy at the moment. The staggering milestone of one billion Tweets was reached last week. This may have something to do with Barack Obama making heavy use of the micro-messaging format.

Update: since posting this, Twitter had been up and down like a kangaroo on a tramampoline. Database upgrades several times per day? Come on, don’t play us for fools!

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